Business property and Financing

We act as trusted advisors to banking institutions for the financing of property transactions carried out by private individuals or professionals.
We also assist institutional and professional investors in their property acquisitions and sales, and in setting up the funding for these transactions.

As partners to banks, institutional investors, and property professionals, we help them in structuring and securing their transactions. Our work enables us to bring our clients’ property acquisitions and/or sales, financing, and refinancing operations to a successful conclusion, however complex they may be, helping them to ensure legal certainty at every stage.

We also carry out legal audits prior to property investments or negotiations with a view to securing them, while maintaining a pragmatic approach to each situation.

For each of these operations, we analyse the issues at stake at national and international level where appropriate, ensuring that they comply fully with the applicable rules of law and any changes thereto.

Areas of expertise

Property due diligence (setting up data rooms / formalising audit reports)
Risk assessment
Property acquisitions and sales: arranging financing for these transactions on behalf of banks and/or investors.
Negotiation / drafting of pre-contracts and deeds of sale
Negotiation/implementation of specialised, structured and/or mortgage financing
Formalisation of real or personal guarantees
Property leasing
Organisation of invitations to tender for the sale of properties, organisation of property auctions.

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