I – INFORMATION SHEET ON THE 137 NOTARY NOTARIAL OFFICE (article L. 111-2 of the French Consumer Code)


Name of the office: 137 Notaires

Legal form: SARL (Limited Liability Company)

Company registration number: 383 208 337 RCS PARIS

VAT identification number: FR35383208337

Address : 137 rue de l’Université – 75007 PARIS – FRANCE

Telephone: +33 (0)1 88 400 400

Fax: +33 (0)1 44 11 31 40

E-mail address:



  • Maître Dominique Charles BONNART, partner notary
  • Maître Chantal LAVISSE, partner notary
  • Maître Stéphane ADLER, partner notary
  • Maître Thibaut EGASSE, partner notary
  • Maître Rémi CANALES, partner notary
  • Maître Laurent LEMETTI, partner notary
  • Maître Jean-Baptiste FERRAND, partner notary
  • Maître Romain MAITRE, partner notary
  • Maître Jean-Marie GUIBERT, partner notary
  • Maître Mathieu SIMON, partner notary
  • Maître Alice BORDERIE, partner notary
  • Maître Emilie FINOT, partner notary

The title of notary was conferred on each of them by order of the Minister of Justice (Garde des Sceaux) (13 place Vendôme, Paris), which can be consulted in the Journal officiel de la République Française (

Each of them is registered on the roll of notaries of the Chambre interdépartementale des notaires de Paris – 12, Avenue Victoria – 75001 Paris.


The professional activity of each notary of the office is covered by civil liability insurance taken out with Mutuelle du Mans Assurances (liberal professions department – 14, Boulevard Marie et Alexandre Oyon – 72030 Le Mans Cedex 9) up to a limit of 100 million euros per claim and without geographical limitation and, beyond that, by the Caisse régionale de garantie des notaires – Paris 1 (12 avenue Victoria, 75001 Paris).

Information regarding the MMA insurance contract may be obtained from the La Sécurité Nouvelle broker – 81, Rue Taitbout – 75009 Paris – Tel: 01 53 20 50 50.


In the event of a complaint against a notary of the office which has not been resolved by the latter, or a claim for compensation, the complaint should be made in writing to the Chambre interdépartementale des notaires de Paris, service des réclamations, 12 avenue Victoria, 75001 Paris, enclosing a detailed note and a copy of the documents needed to clarify the problem (article 4-4° of order no. 45-2590 of 2 November 1945).

In the event of an unresolved dispute with a notary, you may contact the Médiateur du notariat at the following address: in order to try, with his help, to find an amicable resolution to the conflict. Art. L .616-1 and R .616-1 of the French Consumer Code. Failure to comply with this obligation is punishable by an administrative fine of €3,000 if the notary practises on an individual basis and €15,000 if the notary practises in a company.


Notarial activity is governed primarily by Order no. 45-2590 of 2 November 1945, Decree no. 45-0117 of 19 December 1945, Decree no. 71-941 of 26 November 1971, Decree no. 71-942 of 26 November 1971, Decree no. 73-1202 of 28 December 1973, Decree no. 78-262 of 8 April 1978, the Règlement national des notaires, the Règlement inter-cours des notaires, and the Règlement des notaires de la Compagnie de Paris.

These texts can be consulted in French on the website of the Chambre des notaires de Paris, under the heading “textes sur le notariat” (


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