Construction and Development

We work alongside construction professionals and investors in property development projects, from their design right through to delivery.

We provide construction professionals with comprehensive support for all their residential, commercial, and industrial projects. We call on our teams, from the purchase of land to the formalisation of contracts for the sale of buildings to be built or completed.

Our work ranges from a legal analysis of the context, issues, and constraints of the project to the signing of preliminary sales agreements and final deeds. Our teams carry out quality control checks on the drafting of the deeds at every stage to ensure maximum security for our clients.

Our understanding of our clients’ overall environment enables us to develop innovative, tailor-made solutions.

Areas of expertise

Legal structuring of construction or development projects/programmes
Retail or block sales of properties in the future state of completion (VEFA)
Collective organisation of property (prior division, easements)
Legal organisation of complex property complexes (division into co-ownership, division into volumes, articles of association for syndicates or urban land associations)
Property management / operation: commercial and residential leases
Social housing, assisting social landlords with the acquisition of building land for their direct project management operations, the acquisition of social rental housing (completed or in a future state of completion), where applicable in the context of ownership dismemberment, and the resale of their property assets.

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